Dr. Ashley Jackson and Jasmine Wilson join the Planetary Music Movement!

A musician, collaborator, advocate, academic, and all around renaissance virtuoso, Dr. Ashley Jackson is fervent to develop new interdisciplinary works throughout classical music. Dr. Jackson firmly believes that “a deeper understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity is critical to intellectual and artistic development” with higher education and the performing arts. She has been praised for being an orchestral harpist who captivates audiences with her rhythmic precision and dynamic range in New York and beyond.

Storytelling is Jasmine R. Wilson's passion. Jasmine is a "versatile American vocalist, educator, and producer based in New York City" who combines western classical music and improvisation with finesse. She has educated pupils about how to find their distinct voice and share their stories with power in New York City, Canada, and France. Jasmine broadcasts news, current affairs, arts & culture, music, and community activism as an experienced radio and podcast producer.

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This PMM Forum is presented by Groupmuse Foundation’s Planetary Music Movement. This bridge-building endeavor guides Groupmuse to overcome the historical Eurocentrism within the classical music tradition, by celebrating historical and contemporary musical traditions of the planet, particularly and imminently through the inclusion and celebration of works by artists of African descent. You can learn more here.