DEI & Project Management

CLOSE TO HOME: Town Halls on Housing Equality

The WNET Group - Spring 2023

Project Manager for a five-part virtual summit with frontline thinkers and doers from across New York City and around the country. Each week gathered frontline thinkers and doers to examine the core topic through a specific lens: housing and economic justice, food sovereignty and security, homelessness and community, cultural displacement, and media narratives about housing.

NEW AMERICAN DREAM: Town Halls on Disrupting Systemic Racism*

The WNET Group - Spring 2021

Project Manager for five-week series of virtual town halls. Thought leaders examined structural racism through voting rights, artificial intelligence, Black journalism, White antiracism, and cultural narratives. The focus was on strategies and solidarity, with an understanding of history and eyes toward the future. 60k+ views. *2022 Public Media Award Winner. 

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE: Town Halls on Mental Health*

The WNET Group - Spring 2022

Project Manager for five-week series of virtual town halls, public conversations, and digital content on mental health. Informed by talks with 400+ WNET Community Partners, the series examined mental health from the perspectives of five groups of essential workers that help define American society: healthcare workers, K-12 teachers, mental health providers, activists, and journalists. 146k+ views. *2023 Anthem Award Winner 

THIRTEEN Celebrates the Summer of '69*

The WNET Group - Summer 2019

Project Manager: A multiplatform initiative celebrating the golden anniversaries of pivotal moments in US history. 1969’s Stonewall Uprising (June), the Moon Landing (July), and Woodstock (August) were the three major events remembered. A variety of broadcast and digital content encouraged viewers to remember, relive, and contemplate the impact of these moments in history. *2021 Public Media Award Winner.