Gently push back your peel
So your juices may drip
Like salted, cream caramel
Your flavor clings to my lip

Addicted to your taste
With praises plenty and sung
No reason to be chaste
With every lick of the tongue

Devour you whole
Is exactly what to do
So every piece may be savored
From my favorite food

Which is you


How I wish I were a dragonfly! 
Like a feather, I’d float, not fly 
Across the water just so to drink 
Unlike the weight that sunk 
That sinks my soul 
When of you
My heart does think 
I’d pollinate and do the deed 
Of dragonflies without greed 
That is to say I would not bare 
The weight of vain you often share 
I’d glide through grass and shrub in rain 
And feed the earth my love, 
Not pain 
But most of all 
In what I’ve dreamed: 
To feed no more upon poison weed.


Tu m’as demandé
«Qu’est-ce que tu veux» 
Et tu étais patient avec moi 
Main dans la main
Jambes nues enroulées 
Ton visage
Je ne pouvais pas regarder 
Parce que je savais la vérité:
Tu étais la première personne

 à me demander.


Daydreaming...I feel you in my heart

No matter where I am, no matter where I go

You rain down on me and flow

Through my mind

Oh yes, it's a sign


The mist of rain drifts to my lips

And nuzzles my cheeks with sinful kiss


Pit pat.

Raindrops match your speech

Pit pat.

I hear you whispering


Daydreaming...I feel you in my heart

No matter where I am

No matter where I go