Jack McGuire Trios

Spectrum , 70 Flushing Ave, Garage A, Brooklyn, NY

Joey Chang - Piano Jasmine Wilson - Voice Jack McGuire - Double Bass

Kalun Leung - Trombone / Electronics Raquel Klein - Voice / Electronics Jack McGuire Double Bass / Electronics

These two trios met through various residency programs at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity over the past summers. Each of their programs focused on collaboration, improvisation, and the power of gathering around music. Coming together again in their home city, this concert continues the development of a budding community, and its ideals to become a place that is respectful, inclusive, and a source of positive inspiration through collective listening and improvisation.

Spectrum has no advance ticket sales; tickets are available at the door. All events are $15 general / $10 student/senior unless otherwise noted.