Improv Intensive for Female Professionals + Educators

The Engaging Educator, 244 W. 54th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY

In this 3-week class we’ll focus on flexing the skills that make us a bigger, faster and stronger US.

Since each class is different, we build our base around YOU. From the first class to the last, we’re pivoting for your expectations. Class one will introduce you to improv for professionals, tying what we do into your real world and every day life. Class two will challenge you – let’s shake things up a bit and focus in on the positive risk taking in improv! Class three will give you something to think about – we did it, now what? You’ll leave with a greater understanding of yourself, a stronger communication style and possibly a stomachache from laughing so much. This class can be repeated – you’ll meet new friends and have a different focus each time!